Hi, I’m Andrew Gunadie, aka ‘gunnarolla‘, a music producer and world traveller based in Toronto. Four years ago, I quit my full-time job to take control of my time and my life – and I have done some pretty incredible things since then.

I am most popularly known for music videos such as Canadian, Please and The Comic Sans Song. Over the past six years on YouTube, I have become a master of (mostly) funny, thoughtful, high-quality content, and I have amassed almost 13 million views on my YouTube channel, where I have built an engaged, creative, international following.

I have become an avid traveller, lucky enough to travel around the globe in concert, for conventions & meet-ups, and just to see more of the world. No matter where I go, I have my camera with me, ready to produce music videos, travelogues, and other content to share.

In 2013, I was voted ‘Digital Personality of the Year’ at the Digi Awards. In 2014, my EP “S*X” reached #1 on the Canadian iTunes comedy chart. In 2015, the music video for “My D*ck” was nominated for the #AcademySocial “Social Media Moment of the Year” award. I am currently the host of Hard Rock Cafe’s “World Burger Tour” and Kellogg’s #KraveThrills campaign.

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